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Impunity settles at 4th places for the WESG 2018 (Vainglory)

Hard fought loss during the 3rd place match battling Team Sly after semifinals match against 2017 rivals Team Ace

After coming out champions for the WESG Southeast Asia qualifiers, Impunity Esports was drafted into Group B of the WESG main tournament. After making it out of groups winning over LOUD and losing out to Team Sly, Impunity Esports was set to face Team Ace against the semi-finals where Team Ace managed to edge out the better team with a 2-0 score line. The third place decider was a rematch between Impunity Esports and Team Sly which Team Sly again took the win.

The semi-finals was a rematch of the two contenders of the 2017 Vainglory Worlds Semi-finalist and was hyped to be match to watch. With the best they had, Impunity Esports drew the short straw as Team Ace took the two games in the semi-finals which lead Impunity to the third-place decider match.

For the second final match of the tournament, Impunity Esports was up against fellow Group B qualifier Team Sly. After the second game of the match, the score line was tied at 1-1 with either team having the ability to claim a podium spot. However, Team Sly proved to be superior as they won the final teamfight right after Impunity Esports tried to claim Blackclaw. Overall, Impunity ends up as the 4th place team for WESG 2018.


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