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Impunity KH shares 5th/6th spot with Bigerton Alpha at MSC 2021

After settling at 2nd place for Group C, IMP KH makes it to the second round of the lower bracket.

After the MSC 2021 Live Draw session, Impunity KH was sorted into Group C as the underdogs with Blacklist International and Bigerton Alpha, two MPL teams. However Impunity KH showed their worth after taking down Bigerton Alpha in the second day of action 2-1 as they took the series after dropping the first game. Later into the day, Impunity KH were to face Blacklist International, the top seed team from Philippines, which was a hurdle to hard to overcome as they conceded the series 2-0.

The final day of action saw Impunity KH match against the Thai team, IDNOTSLEEP, for a chance to advance into the Playoffs Lower Bracket, which resulted in another 3 games series in which Impunity KH came out victorious 2-1. That means that Impunity KH is able to advance into the Playoffs which they are to face against EVOS SG. However, the Playoffs series against EVOS SG went the way nobody expected as Impunity KH took both games in a clean fashion. Game 1 ended with a fight around Lord as Resurgence contested and stole the lord but ended up being wiped out cleanly by Impunity KH with no casualties. Game 1 was then claimed by Impunity KH with the score being 25 kills to Resurgence SG's 14 kills and both teams getting a even amount of Lord captures.

Game 2 of the Impunity KH vs EVOS SG was a back and forth fight as Impunity mostly controlled the early game but traded four of their lives for the lord in the mid game which gave EVOS SG an opportunity back into the game. However, Impunity KH was still too strong as they wiped out EVOS SG in a fashion similar to Game 1, fighting around the lord which EVOS SG ended up claiming and ending the game. Impunity KH thus took the series 2-0 with the score 17-19 with Impunity KH having 19 kills and both teams claiming 1 lord each. Impunity KH then advances to face against the losing team of Execration vs EVOS Legends in the second round of Playoffs.

Into the second round of the Playoffs, Impunity KH was up against Execration which lost the series against EVOS Legends 2-1. Impunity KH took the first game in a great showing claiming both of the lords and all 3 turtles that were claimed in the game and having 26 kills against Execration's 19. This sadly marked the end of Impunity KH's road for MSC 2021 as Execration took the other two games of the series in a quick game sub-12 minute game 2 with the score 25-4 and another quick sub-12 minute game 3 with the score 17-5. Though Impunity KH ended up as the 5th/6th placed team, they where the only team which reached the Playoff stage that wasn't from a MPL region. Which shows the potential that the team has in them to go higher.


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