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Impunity triumphs over RSG, qualifies for PCS Spring 2021 in PCS Promotion show match

Impunity enters PCS Spring after a close 5 games match with Resurgence

As the PCS 2020 Summer Split came to a close, the PCS Promotion Qualifier was announced to further increase the competitiveness and develop the level of the league as a whole. The PCS Promotion Qualifier takes the format where the 9th and 10th place of the Summer Split has to face the new contenders from their designated server to retain their place in the league.

As Resurgence was placed 10th overall at the end of the PCS 2020 Summer split, a team from the Singapore and Malaysia server have the opportunity to step up to the plate and challenge them for their spot in the league. Thus, Impunity snatched the opportunity and took on the challenge of facing Resurgence in a best of 5 to advance into the PCS and relegate them.


However, Impunity has to go through a single elimination ladder of 8 teams which Impunity aced through, without dropping a game till the finals against the Team Circus which lasted the full 5 games.


Game 1 ended up as a win towards Resurgence as RSG Top laner and game MVP 'Shinsekai' with Mid laner 'Raven' brought home the victory with appraisable performance on Morderkaiser up top and Lucian at mid. The score ended up with RSG having 13 kills to Impunity's 11.

Game 2 started with Impunity Top and Mid laners swapping lanes so that Sylas can get pass the early game, which resulted in the first blood going to the Sylas himself and proceeding to another solo kill later into the game. The second game of the series ends with Impunity taking the win with 22 kills against Resurgence's 12. With a dominating performance on Sylas, Impunity's Mid laner 'Shera' took the MVP for game 2 with a 9/2/7 K/D/A

Game 3 was one of the bloodiest game (No pun intended) with Impunity drafted 3 scaling champions paired with a rather odd Blitzcrank pick and ended up with a overall 43 kill game, 27 going to Impunity and 16 going to Resurgence. The MVP of this game went to Impunity's Top Laner 'TOPKING' as he covered the entire rift with blood on Vladimir going 8/3/5 for his K/D/A and gapping his top lane opponent, game 1's MVP, 'Shinsekai' which had a game to forget and ending with a K/D/A of 3/10/1. With this, Impunity was at Match point, having one match to being promoted to the PCS.

With the stakes ever higher for Resurgence, the AD carry for Resurgence 'Quake' locked in Senna and had a phenomenal early game, getting a double kill and leading Resurgence to get the mountain dragon soul, disabling the threat of the well-fed Akali from Impunity's mid lane and ultimately to win Game 4. 'Quake' also managed to silence his lane opponent, Impunity's 'Blaze' who suffered a forgetable kill-less game with K/D/A of 0/6/6, thus ended up as the MVP of Game 4 with a K/D/A of 8/2/10 and a kill participation of 85%. By the end of Game 4, Resurgence scored 21 kills with the mountain dragon soul against Impunity's 13 kills.


With both teams one step away from securing their place in the PCS Spring 2021 split, Resurgence drafted Senna and Akali, two picks which had a solid showing in Game 4, hoping that it will led them to win the series. However, Impunity's AD carry 'Blaze' managed to recover from a bad game 4 to claim the cloud dragon soul and dominate the series with fellow Mid laner 'Shera' on Orianna and Jungler 'Qaspiel' on Hecrarim. Proving that he too can step up to the plate after RSG's 'Quake' game 4 performance, Impunity's 'Blaze' was the MVP of the final game having the K/D/A of 7/1/5 on Ezreal, promoting Impunity to the PCS Spring 2021 and relegating Resurgence.


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