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Impunity Esports seals 4th place in the 2017 Vainglory World Championship

Clinching the 4th position with Impunity at home

After qualifying for the World Championship at the Southeast regional championships in Jakarta, Singapore's Impunity Esports with Indonesia's Elite 8 was set to represent the Southeast Asia region for the Razer 2017 World Championship. With the 2017 World Championship being held at the Kallang Theatre in Singapore, Impunity eSports managed to do the home crowd proud by making it to the Semi-Finals and taking a game off South Korea's Ace Gaming before falling to them in a 3-1 match.

Group Stage

Impunity Esports made it past the group stage through Group C in second, after securing 2 games, with the future World Champions, North America's Tribe Gaming taking the top spot after claiming 3 games and the 2016 World Champions Rox Armada getting knocked with only 1 game to their name.


Proceeding the quarterfinals, Impunity Esports was up against China's Team Kraken which was the top seed of Group B and going against the odds and riled up the home crowd by bested Team Kraken 3-1, only dropping the second game as they secured their spots in the semi-finals against South Korea's Ace Gaming.


As Semi-Finals came around, Team Impunity was up against Ace Gaming in another best of 5, which resulted in the score of 3-1 with Impunity Esports taking the 3rd game of the series. The fourth game ended up with the Impunity Esports taking the final teamfight of the game and took the Kraken but Ace Gaming managed to close the game out with a backdoor attempt . Though it was a close game, it was ended up Impunity Esports' chances of winning it all but it displayed a bright future for Impunity Esports, with them having the one of the youngest rosters in the region.


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