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Impunity Esports ends the PCS 2021 Spring split as the 6th placed team

Placing 6th after being promoted into the PCS roster

Impunity Esports entered the PCS through the PCS Spring 2021 promotion showmatch where they triumphed over Resurgence in a BO5 match and in their first split managed to claim the 6th position being in the middle of the pack.

Impunity Esports in their first split managed to get wins over Alpha Esports for their Week 1 meeting, the Berjaya Dragons on both their Week 1 and 5 meetings, Liyab Esports on their Week 3 and 5 meetings, Boom Esports on their Week 4 matchup and Hong Kong Attitude on Week 3.

With them at 6th place for the Spring split, they are able to advance to the playoffs in the Upper Bracket. Machi Esports will be their first opponent in the PCS Spring Playoffs Upper Bracket in a Double elimination structure in a bid to make it big as the PCS Spring Split Champions.


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