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Our Impunity For Community 515 Mobile Legends Virtual Fiesta was held from 28 April - 17 May with a special showcase match between tournament winners and our very own KOLS to conclude this event.  The main highlight for our event was an inter-country battle between Singapore (SG) and Cambodia (KH) community teams with a prize pool worth over $6,000 (SGD). This event started off with a 515 S.T.U.N Skin Livestream showcase on 28 April followed by daily live streams by the following KOLs.


To qualify for the inter-country battles, local teams from their respective regions had to first participate in their own qualifiers which happened on 8 May (KH) and 9 May (SG) respectively.  A total of 13 Singaporean and 64 Cambodian teams took part and these were the teams that qualified for the inter-country battles:

SG: Vintage SG, Xanthus Esports, Katsumi, Claxon Esports
KH: DreamX, Infamous Legion, Quantum, SEA Empire Legends


After a grueling weekend of battles on 15 and 16 May, Quantum came out on top with DreamX finishing second and Claxon Esports finishing 3rd. Congratulations to all our winners. Cambodia community teams have the bragging rights, for now :)


Throughout the event, we also released some educational content in the form of tutorial videos for our MLBB fans.

1. Mechanical Skills -

2. Tips and Tricks to Improve FAST -

3. Ranked vs Professional Play -

4. Team Rotations –

What is an event without some behind the scenes footage? With only three weeks from planning to execution of the actual event and everything was done in-house, how did we do it? Only way to find out is to watch the video below!


Last but not least this event would not be possible without our partners and sponsors. Thank you to everyone involved and we will see you again soon!



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